Even though Lanes Lawnsprinklers and Landscape Lighting is just starting, Bob Lane, owner/operator is "no stranger" to this business. After receiving my degree in "Ornamental Horticulture", I specialized in "Turf Grass Management". From 1978 - 1993 I owned and operated a lawn care business specializing in chemical lawn treatments and lawn sprinkler design and installation. During this time I served on the board of directors for the Indiana Irrigation Association and the Indiana State Lawn Care Association. Also receiving certification in Cross Connection Devices (Back Flow Prevention). After deciding to pursue a different direction in my career, I worked in Northern Michigan for a major golf irrigation distributor. In returning to Indiana to be closer to our family, the past 8 years I've worked as a sales manager for a large Chicago based irrigation distributor where I provided sales and technical support to irrigation and landscape lighting contractors for the companies, 3 Indiana locations; Indianapolis, South Bend and Valparaiso. It has been a desire and dream of mine to own my own business again and to be out among my past customers and making new customers offering my knowledge and service by providing the highest quality irrigation installations and accenting their homes and landscaping with professional lighting products and installations...

Lanes Lawnsprinklers and Landscape Lighting
Bob Lane Owner/Operator
6082 East Woodhaven Court
Monticello, IN 47960

Phone: (574)583-8607

Cell: (574)870-3093

E-Mail: info@laneslawnsprinklers.com



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